Message from the CEO

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Charmaine for CEO

I like the view from here. It is expansive and bright. 

The Out-of-Home (OOH) industry is experiencing a renaissance. It is currently the second-fastest growing media sector, with the pace of growth picking up significantly in 2015.

OOH is becoming more attractive to advertisers in this changing media landscape. OOH’s core strengths of impact and reach sit in stark contrast to the fragmentation taking place in other traditional media channels. And while these other channels experience structural pressures brought about by digital disruption, digital in fact enhances the OOH experience. And we know that when it comes to practical applications for new technology, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Innovative use of technology will see OOH connect more with other digital and mobile devices, allowing advertisers to connect with their audiences anywhere, anytime – whether via a traditional Outdoor poster, a digital screen or the merging of the two, through the Internet of Things. That, coupled with the new marketing currency of ‘location’, one of OOH’s key drivers, gives advertisers the ability to geo-target their messages.

In 2016, we will be leveraging digital innovation for advertisers and agencies, making it easier for them to discover, plan and buy our medium. We hope to build on the strengths of MOVE – our robust audience measurement tool – by fusing it with emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) to provide clients with richer insights and data about the Outdoor audiences they are buying.

We will also embark on building an Automated Transaction Platform to make the planning and transacting of OOH easier for media buyers and our members.

According to MOVE, our audiences have grown a massive 18% in the past five years, which has brought populations and cities into sharp focus for us. UNICEF predicts that by 2050, 96% of our population will be urbanised and for Australia’s capital cities that means, in the next 35 years, a doubling of the current population. As a result, there will be more reliance on signs to offer utility.

We are seeing a recognition and willingness at all levels of government to engage and partner with industry to tackle the big issues of housing, congestion, sustainability, development, pollution, public transport, infrastructure, safety and security.

OOH is uniquely positioned to offer cities smart solutions by offering utility through Wi-Fi and information hubs, providing transport and way-finding solutions so people can traverse cities with seamless ease.

In 2016, the OMA will be holding its first Future Cities talks, with the aim of bringing together city thinkers and cultural creators to encourage open, collaborative and aspirational communications between city councils and the OOH industry. Inspirational speakers from around the world will share their vision on how cities of the future will be more connected and easier to navigate for its citizens and visitors alike.

As the CEO of the industry body, I am proud of the camaraderie that exists among our members, especially in this time of innovation and rapid conversion to digital technology. I believe our next big technology project, the development of our Automated Transaction Platform, will see the industry build on its strengths.

Peter Horgan, CEO of media agency OMD and Chair of the Media Federation of Australia said, “We’re pleased to see the OMA embrace automation as a priority and we believe there is a need to make buying and selling media more efficient for our clients. Developing the world’s first Outdoor Automated Transaction Platform is an exciting and significant leap forward for the OOH industry.”

We have worked hard in 2015 to capitalise on our industry’s renaissance. The growth we have experienced wouldn’t have been possible without the vision of the OMA Board, ably led by our Chairman, Steve O’Connor. The dedication and commitment goes beyond the board, across the industry to many individuals who work tirelessly on all the OMA committees to support our ideas and programs. All of this is orchestrated by the OMA and MOVE teams, who show up each day brimming with ideas and work hard to make them happen. Without doubt the board, the members and the staff are the backbone of our success. For their work and good spirits, I thank them all.

It has been a year of phenomenal change in Outdoor. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Charmaine Moldrich
Chief Executive Officer